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“Kanji”, “Sengoku-busho” and “Kamon”


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Age group: ages 10 and over
No. of players: 2 to 4 players
Designed and created in JAPAN    

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Contents of the product


"SENGOKU-BUSHO" game with "KANJI" and "KAMON" consists of 120 cards and instruction sheets.
The instruction sheet includes the names of all 80 Sengoku generals, as well as the lists of all 50 Family Name Cards and 70 First Name Cards.

What are inside?

80 Sengoku generals will appear in this game!
  • Total no. of cards: 120 cards
  • * Family Name cards: 50 cards
  • * First Name cards: 70 cards

* Out of total 80 historical persons from Japan that appear in this game, there are Sengoku-bushos from Sengoku period, as well as up to the 8th generation of “Tokugawa Shoguns” who were in charge of the Tokugawa administration.

 You will be combining 3 cards to form a name of Sengoku general!
Oda nobunaga  Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Oda Nobu-naga       Toyotomi Hide-yoshi
Takeda shingen  Uesugi Kenshin
Takeda Shin-gen        Uesugi Ken-shin
maeda toshiie  akechi mitsuhide
Maeda Toshi-ie        Akechi Mitsu-hide
tokugawa ieyasu  tokugawa iemitsu
 Tokugawa Ie-yasu       Tokugawa Ie-mitsu

  Instruction sheet

 There are 4 instruction sheets included in each package of product.


Instruction sheet
  • If you are playing game with less than 4 players, then we recommend each player to place 1 instruction sheet in front of them while playing the game, so that the players can check the instruction sheet to find out which Sengoku-busho names can be completed from the cards in their hands.

    But make sure you don’t let other players know which Sengoku-busho name you are trying to complete!

  Inner page of the instruction sheet

This is the extract (sample) from the inner page of the instruction sheet.
As you can see, there is a list of Sengoku generals and their family crests that you can easily refer to while playing the game.
You can also find simple explanation of each family crest.
When you gain some knowledge on what each family crest is expressing in its design, then you will be interested to know more about them, and eventually you will be able to tell which family crest belongs to which Sengoku general!


Instruction sheet
List of family crest

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