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The Japanese game
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Card Game JAPONICA Series 2
Armored Generals of Sengoku Period version



Combine "kanji" letters in this card game
to complete a "Sengoku-busho" name!


You can also try to collect 3 cards with the same family crest (“Kamon”)
to complete a “Sengoku-busho” name.

The game rule is quite simple - collect & combine 3 kanji cards to form a name of Sengoku general (“Sengoku-busho”). Family crests (“Kamon”) can be a big clue for winning the game !

*“Sengoku-busho” means the Japanese generals from Sengoku period (= the Age of Warring State).

Sengoku-busho card game

What is this card game about?


  • It’s the game of completing the names of Japanese Sengoku generals!
  • Combine 1 of “Family Name Card” with 2 “First Name Cards” to complete names!
  • 50 Family Name cards altogether!
  • 70 First Name cards altogether!
  • A family crest on your card will be the hint to winning the game!
  • Complete Sengoku-busho names also by collecting 3 same family crest cards!
  • That means, you can still enjoy this game even if you don’t know much about Sengoku-bushos!
  • Gameplay rules are very simple! Enjoy with everyone!




 You will be combining 3 cards to form a name of Sengoku general !
Oda nobunaga  Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Oda Nobu-naga       Toyotomi Hide-yoshi
Takeda shingen  Uesugi Kenshin
Takeda Shin-gen        Uesugi Ken-shin
maeda toshiie  akechi mitsuhide
Maeda Toshi-ie        Akechi Mitsu-hide
tokugawa ieyasu  tokugawa iemitsu
 Tokugawa Ie-yasu       Tokugawa Ie-mitsu


How to play (rules)


Deal 12 cards (= a hand) to each player. The remaining cards (= deck) are placed face down in front of everyone. Each player draws 1 card from the deck in turn. If you can collect 3 cards to form a name of Sengoku general, then show it to everyone. When all cards from the deck are gone, the player with the least number of cards in hand will be the winner!

*The number of family crests drawn on one card indicates the number of Sengoku generals who have that kanji letter in their names. The more family crests drawn on a card, the better chance to complete a general’s name using that card!

sumple card of Sengoku-busho

* The actual card size is the same as the standard playing cards (8.9×5.7cm). 

Why is this game fun to play?

  • The same kanji letter is frequently used in many of Sengoku-bushos’ names!
  • Each “Family Name Card” has 1 family crest drawn on it, but each Kanji letter card = “First Name Card” has multiple family crests drawn.
  • The number of family crests drawn on 1 Kanji letter card indicates the possibility of completing the names of Sengoku-bushos.
  • The cards with many family crests are “precious cards”! Don’t discard them, keep them in hand and you will have a bigger chance of completing a Sengoku-busho name!
  • Your strategic approach on how to complete a Sengoku-busho name will be tested in this game!
  • Strategic approach will be required in winning this game, and that’s why this game is so much fun because all players need to really use their brain power to win it!


  Product information

Age group: ages 10 and over
No. of players: 2 to 4 players
Designed and created in JAPAN    

"SENGOKU-BUSHO" game with "KANJI" and "KAMON" consists of 120 cards and instruction sheets.
The instruction sheet includes the names of all 80 Sengoku generals who will appear in this game.The instruction sheet also includes the list of 50 Family Name Cards as well as the list of 70 First Name Cards.

Sample of what the instruction sheet looks like can be found on “Product Information” page. 

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We would like to express our appreciation for many books and documents that we’ve referred to for information on family crest designs, their categorization, their titles, and more.
We will be putting up the list of bibliographies that we’ve referred to on this website.

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